Privacy Policy - Care19 Diary

The information we collect will depend on how you use the application and what permissions you grant the application.

At a minimum, we will collect usage data. This includes data on app crashes, diagnostics for application reliability and support purposes, and also general data on app usage, for example which screens are viewed most often or the adoption rate for new versions of the application.

If you opt in to push notifications Google Firebase Messaging will store your messaging token so we can send messages to your phone.

If you grant permission to use location services, the app will collect the location of your phone on a periodic basis, including when the app is not running. The app uses this data to ascertain locations you have recently visited. Care19 will take this location and call a service to determine nearby businesses that you may have visited. Care19 currently uses Foursquare for this service.

Your location data is private to you and is stored securely on ProudCrowd, LLC servers. Third parties that we use (Foursquare, Google Firebase and Bugfender) may have temporary access to aspects of your data for their specific data processing tasks. However, they will not collect this data in a form that allows themselves or others to access or otherwise use this data.

User’s data stored on ProudCrowd servers will not be shared with anyone including government entities or third parties, unless you consent or ProudCrowd is compelled under federal regulations. Stored user data is deleted on a 14-day rolling window. Users may also choose to delete their data stored on ProudCrowd servers by pushing the "Erase Data" button on the Care19 About screen at any time.

Your data is identified by an anonymous code. If you test positive for Covid-19, health officials may ask if you will consent to sharing this code. If you share this code, these officials will have consent to access your recent locations for the express intent of identifying recent contacts with other people in your area.

The app may also use your visited locations and the nature of the visit to calculate a personal risk score. This score will be aggregated and shared with state government officials. This data will be aggregate in nature, no data about an individual’s risk score will be shared outside ProudCrowd, LLC.

We may also use your location to display a map of where users are located across the United States. This map is not medical in nature, it is simply to help users understand the community of fellow users. The locations on this map do not reflect individual locations. Rather, they are pins at the city level where users are located. The size of the marker reflects how many users are using the Care19 app in that city.

If you grant us permission to use push notifications, we may send notifications which apply to your current or past locations. We may also send you directed notifications related to contact tracking.